Camí des correu – Banyalbufar

This is an excursion for those who would love to enjoy the nature of Serra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and our beautiful Cala de Banyalbufar, in the same day.

Running time: 2:30h

Difficulty level: Easy

Total duration: 6h

Includes breaks and free time in Banyalbufar + 2h transp. (round trip) 6’5km


Total distance: 6’5 km

375m / 400M

Accumulated gradient: 180m climb 400m down


ESSENTIAL: Wear good shoes (preferably for mountain that covers the ankle or at least sport shoes), comfortable shirts and pants (no jeans), plenty of water and food.

RECOMMENDED: Crema solar, gorra o gafas de sol, bañador y toalla en caso de interesarles la opción del baño en la playa.

The Camí des Correu that we will cross is an old royal road with medieval roots dating back from year 1401 that connects Esporlas with Banyalbufar. Until the 19th century, this public road was the only means of communication between both peoples.

At the end of the route we will arrive at Banyalbufar. This area was inhabited and cultivated by the Arabs in the 10th century, who built the houses on the slopes of the mountain and an irrigation system of aqueducts that is still in operation nowadays.

The town of Banyalbufar gives us the opportunity to visit a beach with a natural source of fresh drinking water that comes directly from the ground situated in a few meters from the shore; depending on the flow of water It allows us to take a nice fresh shower when leaving the sea after a bath in these perfect for diving waters.

It is important to take into account the possibility of visiting and enjoying the Banyalbufar beach, which is possible to reach through a going down a steep path with a considerable height difference.

Description of the route

After the collection of the clients in the pre-established points, and check that they all carry water and food, we start the road by bus to Esporles, which lasts approximately 1h.

During the trip, we will talk about the agriculture of the island, the mountain range of Tramuntana, a heritage of humanity, the hiking route that crosses it (GR221) and the farm of Esporles.

Along the way through the “Cami des Correu”, we will talk about the history of the road, the importance of dry stone walls for the community and the flora diversity we will find along our journey.

Once we reach the highest point, we will enjoy a small rest and a lunch in beautiful scenery. Along the way we find old wood burners / ovens where coal was formerly obtained as the main source of energy. Once you get to Banyalbufar, we will go through a supermarket before we go down to Cala de Banyalbufar.

In the cala there is a source of natural water, which we will visit and then we will decide on the meeting point, leaving about two and a half hours of spare time.

After that we will go back up to Banyalbufar where you can visit the town and / or have a drink on some terrace with wonderful views.