Llucalcari – Cala Deià – Deià

This experience gives the possibility of knowing Deià in the most authentic possible way. Going through “The path of the Painters”, we arrive at one of the most charming calas of Mallorca.

Running time: 2h

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

Total duration: 6h

Includes breaks, free time in Deià + 2h transp. (roundtrip)


Total distance: 5 km


Elevation gain: 260 m ascending

IT IS ESSENTIAL to wear comfortable shoes; cool and comfortable clothes; sunscreen; cap, hat or similar; water and food in abundance.

IT IS RECOMMENDED to bring a swimming suit and a towel. If you want to enjoy underwater activities you can bring some diving glasses.


Deià is located in the heart of the Sierra, in a wonderful area surrounded with green boulders right next to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beauty of its landscape and its affable and simple life is captivating. That is why, at the end of the 19th century, the interest of artists and bohemians such as the Archduke of Austria, Luis Salvador, the composer Manuel de Falla, the painters Russinyol, Leman and Junyer and the poets Robert Graves and Laura Riding attracted them to Deià and some them decided to stay in the place for the rest of their lives. The charm of Deià is in its small details, its constructions, its colors and its nooks. At the top of the village is the cemetery with the tomb of Robert Graves and the house-museum where the writer lived.

To get to Deià we will walk along the path of the painters, a song that takes place along the coastline. The name of the road is due to the large number of artists who came to be inspired and who painted their works in this coastal area during the 20th century, suggesting that there is something special in the place.

Cala Deià was the local fishermen port, where we can still see the barracks where they kept their boats; today it is considered one of the most charming calas of Mallorca.

Explanation of the route

After collecting the clients at the pre-established points, and checking that they all carry water and food; we start the journey by bus to Deià, which lasts approximately 1 hour.

During the tour there will be a brief explanation of agriculture in Mallorca, we will talk about the Tramuntana, heritage of humanity, and about the hiking trail GR221. We will also offer interesting information about the town of Valldemosa as we will go through it to get to Deià.

The walking tour begins in Llucalcari, we will descend by foot passing through a field of olive trees and vegetation. We will talk a little bit about the flora and the importance of dry stone walls for the community. Once we reach the sea level we go to a small cala where there is a natural water source that emerges from beneath a bush tree.

After this curious visit we head towards Cala Llucalcari where we will have 1 hour to swim, sunbathe or enjoy the surroundings. We will talk about the natural mud baths that are typical on this beach. We will continue along the path of the painters in the direction to Cala Deià, along the way we will talk about the importance of this road, the archduke Lluis Salvador, the Mallorcan trails and private properties.

We will stop at several locations along the way to take pictures of the spectacular views of the coast. Arrived at Cala Deià there will be another hour of spare time to have a bath and / or have a drink in the restaurant situated at the cala. Then we will go up to the village of Deià through a very nice path, passing through olive groves and through streets with old typical houses with its gardens full of orchards and patios decorated with flowers.

Once you have located the meeting point, you will go through the spectacular old town to visit the church and the cemetery, located in a highest part, where you can enjoy magnificent views. Until the bus picks us up at the meeting point, there will be some time to visit the rest of the town by choice, or relax with a drink on one of those charming terraces so typical of Deià.  

Once at the meeting point, the bus will pick us up and take us to the starting point..