Cala Varques – Cala Romàntica

A fantastic option for those who would like to enjoy virgin calas and natural caves. You can choose two different experiences: Relax while enjoying the beach and its celestial waters or a more active experience.

Running time: 1:30h

Difficulty level: Easy

Total duration: 6h

Includes breaks and free time at Cala Varques + 2h transp . (roundtrip) 5km



Total distance: 5 km


Cumulative elevation: 40m rise


ESSENTIAL: Wear good shoes (preferably mountain shoes that covers the ankle or at least sport shoes), comfortable shirts and pants (not jeans), plenty of water and food, sunscreen, hat or sunglasses, swimming suit and a towel.


The Excursion

Cala Varques is a beautiful virgin beach situated on the south-east of the island, with white sand and turquoise waters, known for its peculiar geography that makes it ideal for jumping and perfect for lovers of psychobloc and nature. To get to the beach we have to walk a path that runs through a pine forest, observing how the vegetation changes until we reach the sandy area.

Cala Romantica is a beach of white sand and shallow waters located a few kms  from Cala Varques, where we will end the excursion; we will access it by following the path along the coast, thus being able to observe the cliffs and the geography of the coastline. On our way is Es Caló Blanc, a small but magnificent beach, unknown to most of the tourists, and also a spectacular natural bridge called Pontàs.

This trip is especially recommended for nature lovers who would like to discover remote natural landscapes; the advantage is that there is almost no difference in the ground level, so the excursion is just a walk.

Explanation of the Route

After the collection of the clients at the pre-established points, and check that they all carry water and food, we start the journey by bus to Portocristo, Manacor, which lasts approximately 1h. During the trip we will talk about the route we will take as part of it will be by foot.

Once on the road, an explanation about the agriculture and the dry stone walls is followed. We will also tell you about the problems that there were with this road in the last years. While we walk the path to the cala we will talk about the flora that we will find and also about a few useful techniques when it comes to walking in the mountain.

Once in Cala Varques, we will talk about the importance of keeping the beaches and mountains clean and the different options you can choose once here:

1. Stay in Cala Varques and Cala Petita 2.30 hours until the exit towards Cala Romanticica.

2. In 1 hour time after we arrive at the beach, we offer the possibility to dive visiting caves. For this we will set a meeting point to go towards Es Caló Blanc where there is a maritime excursion; we dive into a small underground cave until we get out in the bigger cave of the bridge of Es Caló Blanc. And for the brave ones – they could climb over the caves and jump into the water.

After this pleasant time in Es Caló Blanc, the guide will return for the clients to Cala Varques, then again will go back to Es Caló Blanc and go up to the bridge to see it and to make some magnificent photos of the landscape. From there we will start a walk to Cala Romantica, where we will pass through another cala with some beautiful view of a large cave. After 1h of an almost even road we will have another 45min to take a bath and / or have a drink at the beach restaurant before the bus leaves.