Es Carbó

An ideal experience for those who want to enjoy a trip to one of the most paradisiacal beaches of Mallorca, having 4 hours to enjoy crystal clear waters, fine white sands and the wonderful sun of Mallorca.

Running time: 1:30h

Difficulty level: Easy

Total duration: 6h

Includes breaks and free time on the beach + 2h transp. (roundtrip) 6km



Total distance:  6km


Cumulative elevation: 0m climb


ESSENTIAL:  wear comfortable shoes; cool and comfortable clothes; sunscreen; cap, hat or similar; swimming suit; towel; water and food in abundance

Recommended:  bring an umbrella

Es CArbó

Es Carbó is a large kilometric sandbank of fine sand located at Colonia Sant Jordi, in the south of the island, with the isle of Na Molina in front and a pine forest with a dune system and lagoons that precede it.

The coastal road that connects the village of Colonia Sant Jordi with Es Carbó passes through a series of small beaches where visitors could enjoy the uniqueness and personal charm of each one.

As an alternative to sunbathing, the village of the Colonia Sant Jordi offers the possibility of a pleasent walk along the sea. This excursion is for people who have made occasional excursions in the mountains and are able to walk more than 5km.

Until arriving at Es Carbó, a series of beaches will be crossed along a coastal path, which is frankly beautiful but simple. The road runs all the time under the sun.

Explanation of the Route

After collecting the clients at the pre-established points, and checking that they all carry water and food; we start the journey by bus to Colonia Sant Jordi, which lasts approximately 1 hour.

During the tour we will talk about the salt pans, the natural landscape and the origin of the town of Colonia Sant Jordi. During the road that runs along the coast we will talk about the National Park of Cabrera, visible throughout the tour on the horizon.

We will also talk about posidonia, a marine plant in danger that is very important for the creation and the maintenance of the beautiful beaches that we will visit.

Once you arrive at the beach of Es Carbó, a meeting point and a specific time are set to start the trip back to the bus.

The free time to enjoy the beach is about 4 hours.